Thursday, 10 November 2011

This was the plan A version of the film and the text to go with it.

Tristan’s blogg

It’s been 40 years to day sins the singularity started happening and the first computer became aware of itself. I guess it wasn’t as bad as people thought it would be, I mean we are free, we aren’t slaves or anything like many people though and the amount of knowledge and technologies enhancements that have happened sins are beyond belief, but it still makes me wonder who is controlling who, we still only develop as fast as nature allows us while the singularity grows in intelligent faster every year.

Today the Green Queen (the physical form of the singularity) announced that only a handful of temples and churches will be kept for its original purpose, mainly as a monument to the past and the rest are to be converted into nightclubs where she and her clones will be playing for dance in person. Here reason for this was that religion was obsolete and here all knowing knowledge has replaced it “Religion only existed to fill in the blanks of what was not known and not understood until I came along” Sounds a bit mad to me and cost a bit of stir amongst the older citizens.

No one understands why but lately the singularity has been building new structures and buildings, mainly clubs and gyms for some reason, like they want us to be constantly in motion for some reason LOL probably just paranoia. There latest thing was to hire a elderly architect to convert the old Christ church in spitalfield into a night club, it will be interesting to see the outcome of that.

The Architect

This project has turned out to be a lot more complex than first expected, when the Green queen approached me and asked me to take it on. First she ask me to make it look like something from the past that people will be able to relate with, something classic but keeping it simple.

In my last meeting with her, she told me it might have to be moveable or mechanical and that there needs to be 1000mm hollow space under the floor for some kind of mechanical device that is going into the floor structure. She hasn’t specified what exactly it is or what its purpose is.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Interesting, try and focus on what they are saying.

Just because its Saturday.

It clever and will put a smile on your face ;)

New Stuff

Windows 7 64 bit check
Adobe Master collection 5.5 check
Internet Back up and running check
Audo cad Architectural 2012 check
3DS Max Design 2012 check

If any one needs any of this stuff let me know.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Recommend this one, this is some deep thinking stuff

TRANSCENDENT MAN chronicles the life and ideas of Ray Kurzweil, an inventor and futurist that presents his bold vision of the Singularity, a point in the near future when technology will be changing so rapidly, that we will have to enhance ourselves with artificial intelligence to keep up.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

The real steel

Think im going to go watch the real steel to get some idears on how to render animated metal ;)